Theology, Worship 2

the Creed

We declare:
there is only one God.

We declare,
He is the Father, the all-powerful,
the sine qua non
of all things:
this world
and others.

We declare,
He is the Master Jesus Christ
the first-born of God’s children
In substance,
In appearance,
Forever unified with the Father,
He is the method by which God created.

As the savior of men,
He descended to the realm of men
and became a man.
All this by the work of the Holy Spirit
in the Virgin Mary.

As the savior of men
He suffered,
was crucified,
and laid in a tomb for three days.

As the savior of men
He did not remain dead,
but rose again,
just like the Prophets said He would.

Returning to His Father,
He retook his right hand throne.

He will come again to men,
but this time, not only as man,
but as judge,
and His judgments will stand forever.

We declare,
He is the Holy Spirit, who hovered over the deep
in the beginning.
Unified with Father and Son, He is worshiped
for he has spoken truth through

We declare that there is one, holy, catholic, apostolic Church,
whose regenerating, baptismal waters are for forgiveness of sins.
We eagerly await the time when the dead will return
and a world of life together.

Let it be.


~ Jewel


Worshipping the Trinity

This past week I fell in love with the song “Only True God.”

Verse 1

Beyond us, God within us
Revealed, yet we see in part
Transcendent, but so near us
Mystery dwelling within our hearts

            Verse 2
Majestic God above us
Enthroned, yet You wash our feet
Humble, but so holy
All of creation bows when You speak

Father – Spirit – Son:
Only true God
Exalted, three-in-one
Only true God, only true God

The chorus randomly jumped into my thoughts & wouldn’t leave for days. Shortly after, I realized that Leanne Van Dyk’s chapter on the Trinity in her book A More Profound Alleluia explains the beauty that is found in these lyrics. Van Dyk describes how humans were created to live relationally, in communion with the Lord and people, as He is in communion with Himself and His people. It sounds simple – we live in communities all our lives, of course we were created to be relational. Yet, it astounds me that we are created this way because God lived in communion with Himself before the human race began. What a beautiful parallel between God and man, an incredible example of the Imago Dei in humanity.

After noting the connection between “Only True God” and Van Dyk’s chapter, I came to realize that I highly value singing to each person of the Trinity.

Recognizing God as Father, Savior and Comforter requires so much depth of thought. Verbalizing the entire Trinity forces me to think not only of how God relates to me at the present time but who He is in light of eternity. It redirects me from focusing on my needs in worship by reminding me that He is far greater than the ‘Lover’ or ‘Comforter’ I feel in the present moment. I am in awe that I can call out to the Lord as both the King over all and the Intercessor who pleads for me.

I find joy in the mysterious paradoxes of God’s characteristics that are true only because of the Trinity. He is “Transcendent, yet so near us” and “Humble, yet so holy.” What magnificent love is this! How can we keep from joyfully singing to our great God when we recognize His love for us as a Father, Savior and Comforter?