Theology, Worship 2

the Creed

We declare:
there is only one God.

We declare,
He is the Father, the all-powerful,
the sine qua non
of all things:
this world
and others.

We declare,
He is the Master Jesus Christ
the first-born of God’s children
In substance,
In appearance,
Forever unified with the Father,
He is the method by which God created.

As the savior of men,
He descended to the realm of men
and became a man.
All this by the work of the Holy Spirit
in the Virgin Mary.

As the savior of men
He suffered,
was crucified,
and laid in a tomb for three days.

As the savior of men
He did not remain dead,
but rose again,
just like the Prophets said He would.

Returning to His Father,
He retook his right hand throne.

He will come again to men,
but this time, not only as man,
but as judge,
and His judgments will stand forever.

We declare,
He is the Holy Spirit, who hovered over the deep
in the beginning.
Unified with Father and Son, He is worshiped
for he has spoken truth through

We declare that there is one, holy, catholic, apostolic Church,
whose regenerating, baptismal waters are for forgiveness of sins.
We eagerly await the time when the dead will return
and a world of life together.

Let it be.


~ Jewel